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My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Android (55)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (83)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-Objects-HD (22)

Android Backgrounds

Android themed backgrounds for the Nexus 4

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My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Android (28)
My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Android (21)
My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Android (22)
My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Android (30)
My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Android (1)


Valentine's day can be everyday!

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (5)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (3)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (36)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (7)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (21)


Beautiful nature themes that help you relax

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (38)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (46)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (104)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (117)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (20)


Simplicity is key. Android knows!

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (61)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (67)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (74)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (40)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (62)


Backgrounds depecting beautiful landscapes

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (25)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (200)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (45)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (121)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (130)

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Help with restoring to stock

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