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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (103)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (40)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (188)
My-Nexus4-Wallpaper-HD-Funny (2)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (153)

Android Backgrounds

Android themed backgrounds for the Nexus 4

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Valentine's day can be everyday!

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (36)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (8)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (22)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (13)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Love (37)


Beautiful nature themes that help you relax

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (37)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (39)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (36)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (80)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Nature (26)


Simplicity is key. Android knows!

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (79)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (116)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (59)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (93)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-simple (17)


Backgrounds depecting beautiful landscapes

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My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (165)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (97)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (95)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (201)
My-Nexus4-wallpaper-HD-Landscapes (35)

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Tue, 29 Jul 2014 11:39:42 GMT

Ulock Nexus 4 bootloader from Linux (peppermint) Net book

"Hi am having trouble unlocking the bootloader on my nexus 4. The linux command 'fastboot...

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Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:32:42 GMT

Nexus 4 Cannot Flash to stock ROM

"Hi Everyone, I've been having some problems with my Nexus 4, which I am trying to flash the...

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Tue, 15 Jul 2014 21:27:18 GMT

Anyone Trying Out Sailfish OS on Their Nexus 4?

"I had EA1 on there for a minute... (EA1 = Early Adopters r1.) It chewed up my battery so I...

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